vapium summit is the king of electronic cigarettes

Are you sure that you will never smoke traditional cigarettes again, now that you have vowed not to smoke them, keeping in mind the health concerns they pose to you and your near and dear ones? Remember, you will have to face withdrawal symptoms for many days, as you are already addicted to nicotine, the primary chemical compound that causes cigarette addiction. You are not the sole person who ha taken such a vow. There are countless instances in which people that gave up smoking traditional cigarettes, started smoking them again, because they could not live a normal life without the taste of nicotine, and despite chewing nicotine-laced chewing gums or applying nicotine patches. Would it not be awesome if you could find a cigarette that provides you the flavor of nicotine, but does not contain the other dangerous chemical compounds that the smoke of the classical cigarette does?

Try digital cigarettes
You can easily achieve this goal with the help of electronic cigarettes, which discharges water vapor mixed with flavors and nicotine. These cigarettes do not contain tobacco... the primary source of toxic chemical compounds including some that are carcinogenic in nature. They use e-liquid instead, which consists of a combination of flavorings, propylene glycol, nicotine, water, and glycerin. The battery of the electronic cigarette, when activated, passes current through a coil made of nonconductive metal, heating the later in the process. This, in turn, causes the e-liquid to boil and turn into a vapor that the user inhales. As the e-juice vapor contains nicotine, it helps satisfies the craving of the user, and since the vapor does not contain tar and other toxic chemicals, it protects the health of the user and his family members too. The e-juices come in many flavors. Selecting the tobacco flavored one allow the user to achieve the same taste as that of the standard cigarettes.

Selecting a good e-cig
You should exercise caution when you buy e-cigs from online stores. Avoid the cheap imported models as they provide neither vaping satisfaction nor do they last for long. It is always preferable to pay more and purchase electronic cigarettes manufactured by renowned local brands. Apart from offering you excellent vaping experience, they last for many years if you clean them regularly and only use e-juice manufactured by reputable manufacturers. Your best option is to purchase a disposable model to get the hang of e-cigs. Once you are satisfied with it, go for refillable models. However, you might face problems in selecting a suitable model, given the wide range of e-cigs available on online stores. Some of them also contain features such as adjustable temperature settings that allow you to increase the volume of vapor released by rotating the knob that increases the voltage sent to the heating coils, which boils the e-juice and converts it into vapor consisting of a mixture of water, nicotine, and flavor.

Go for the best available device
Instead of experimenting with various electronic cigarettes, visit and find out more details about the vapor summit brand of e-cig. Although the website of Hand Held Vaporizers offers many brands of vaporizers, all of them pale in comparison to vapor summit. For starters, this is unarguably the best replacement for individuals planning to give up traditional cigarettes and witching over to e-cigs. The manufacturer has spent lots of time designing the circuit so that it provides users with the ultimate vaping experience. Unlike other e-cigs that do not function properly in extreme temperature conditions, the vapor summit is the sole all weather vaping device.

Unique design
The design of this model is unique in the sense that it provides a steady flow of vapor at all temperatures and at different altitudes. The battery of this unit provides more puffs before you need to recharge it. The location of the USB port is such that it remains protected from the weather. This is in stark contrast to other electronic cigarettes that do not perform properly at high altitudes and in extreme temperatures. The vacuum summit sold by heats up almost immediately and provides vibration alerts when the desired temperature has been reached. Available in three different colors, and weighing just 250 grams, this device allows you eight temperature settings from 320ºF to 450ºF. The kit consists of:

• An electronic cigarette
• A cleaning kit
• A dry bag pouch
• A wall adapter
• A USB charger